Free Comics

I have also created a number of free to read online comics.

Malaria: The Battle Against A Microscopic Killer

Malaria is a terrible disease, and one of humankind's oldest and deadliest foes. This comic explores our ongoing battle with the parasite that causes malaria, and goes inside the labs and clinics where scientists are working to put an end to the misery that malaria causes.

Hope Beyond Hype

Stem cells are found throughout our bodies. They hold the key to how we grow and heal. In the lab, scientists are trying to discover the secrets of these cells and put them to use treating diseases. This story follows the scientific journey from lab bench to hospital bedside.

Mysteries of the Deep

Join the crew of the JOIDES Resolution, as it pulls core samples from the sea floor in search of the secrets buried in the depths of the ocean.

In these core samples, the tiniest fossils reveal the biggest clues about our planet's history, and the future climates we may face.